Hair Transplant Made Simpler and Affordable

Hair Transplant Made Simpler and Affordable

Hair Transplant Made Simpler and Affordable

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How about donning the likes of Brad Pitt’s thick hairdo or say, remembering the movie where El Paccino had it long? It’s just a matter of style but still one thing is common, the hair, isn’t it? There are millions of people who suffer from hair loss, in simple words, alopecia. Hair loss could be due to different reasons. Some call it stress, some say it’s hereditary and some just are confused. Well, this is a problem that persists greatly throughout the world and while hair loss is inevitable for many, being bald forever can’t be a great idea. Now as there have been a number of alternatives, it’s always easy to get the perfect hair transplant that your fiancé wanted because it’s really easy and affordable to get that look from the several treatments and surgical procedures that are now available to treat all types of hair loss and get permanent solution for the most obstinate problems of alopecia.

Until a few years back, hair transplant procedure would burn your pocket when better alternatives are available in the market especially that excellent surgical procedures are now done in India, it’s more of a good thing because this technology shift has made it really, really more simple and economically viable for all. Forget the early years when this was an intricate procedure and done only in the West. Unfortunately, even then, merely getting the hair to grow did not give a successful cosmetic outcome. The large skin grafts and hair used for treatment made a natural result virtually impossible. During the 1970s, all hair transplant procedures represented what was commonly called hair plugs although it was still distant away from natural hair appearance.

As these large grafts were the only surgical option, patients who had to have their hair restored accepted this outcome that was less than optimal and since these treatments required quite a money, this was the reason why only the elite would prefer this and also that the results were not as favorable as you wanted to believe. Ergo, the exorbitant cost of hair loss treatments and hair transplant procedures, however, prevented many of these patients from opting for hair correction or transplantation. Now that hair transplant in Delhi is gaining popularity, more people are opting this treatment as an alternative to expensive hair transplant procedure abroad. We can get really a good hair surgery done at affordable costs in the heart of the capital i.e. Delhi where some of the world’s best hair surgeries are done and that’s quite promising in the future ahead. At Radiance Cosmedic Center also, a number of hair transplantation Surgery is done. We tend to note the current famous techniques present today in the world:

Strip Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Under this procedure, a strip of healthy hair from the back of the head is identified and removed. Since hair fall occurs from dihydrotestosterone, the hair removed is resistant to that chemical and this specimen is used for hair generation. Once the surgeon removes the strip of hair from the donor site, the follicular units of one to four hairs are bifurcated into individual grafts which are transplanted to areas of hair loss into different parts of the scalp.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

This type of method is the modern technique of hair restoration and an advanced version over other types of transplantation techniques like strip harvesting transplantation or Follicular Unit Transplantation. During an FUE Transplant, an expert doctor extracts hair follicles from the donor area derived from the neck back using an extraction instrument less than 1mm in diameter. These follicles are then transferred to the recipient area on your scalp and implanted using a powerful stereo microscope in groups of one to four hairs and they start growing in nature. This process is a minimal invasive procedure and uses just local sedation. The patient remains in conscious sedation. Recovery is fast and complication risk is minimal. Aftercare guidance, medications and topicals are given when the surgery is complete.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

It is a non-invasive treatment that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. Dense tiny follicles of hair are created that help thicken and restore the look of fuller hair. With light crown thinning, it gives the look of dense hair in the head. It is used to cover up receded hairlines and thicken remaining hair. Having minimal or no maintenance, it sure spells freedom. Since no surgery is required, this type is cheap and requires no medications.

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation

ARTAS is a revolutionary robot-assisted system that helps create natural-looking results that are indistinguishable! ARTAS makes use of Follicular Unit Extraction. These follicular units are placed in desired areas with careful attention to the most natural-looking placement and direction of growth.

If we study some techniques like scalp micropigmentation, we find that it can be effectively used in combination with the follicular extraction method. This method will definitely have a beautiful result where the scalp is much more densely covered than ever. Since the hair follicles extracted from hair surgery might not cover the entire baldness, using scalp micropigmentation to cover up an entire area of the scalp can provide sufficient volume as no donor hair is required in SMP. On the one hand, FUE can use real hair follicles at the maximum; a shortage in the desired density can be covered using scalp micropigmentation. Indeed, SMP can give the look of a three-dimensional pigment structure when in fact its done in a two-dimensional setting. One more thing is that these treatments are much more realistic. SMP and a follicular unit extraction both provide a surprising remedy for hair loss.

These remedies are in fact what a bald person can look for. With just a reasonable budget, an alopecic patient is also able to fulfill his dreams now. One doesn’t need to go to a foreign place for such surgeries but can look next door to kill his baldness. Forget hair maintenance every time. If you are confident in your stride, make the decision and call an expert to have the best option available. A consultation with a health expert will help to clear your doubts and there you go. Ready for another hair cut?