Myths About the Side Effects of Hair Transplant

Myths About the Side Effects of Hair Transplant

Myths About the Side Effects of Hair Transplant

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Hair transplants don’t live long:

People think that hair transplantation may be a temporary procedure but when loss resistant follicles are transplanted, they don’t fall due to the usual hair loss. Since, the grafted hair may shed in 3-4 weeks, we think otherwise. But this is a natural process and the transplanted hair will grow again within 6-7 weeks which lasts a lifetime.

Hair transplant is done deep in the scalp bed so it jeopardizes the brain:

Some people think that hair implantation is bad for the brain as the harvest is done deep inside the skin. In fact, a calculated deep incision is done but the deepest layer of the head is not touched. Secondly, the two common methods i.e. FUE and FUT are noninvasive so they heal marks early and make the person fully recovered.

Hair Transplants are not prone to growth since they are Spurious:

Extraction of natural hair from donor area to the transplanted surface doesn’t mean that it is not natural. Because that hair has retained properties of activeness and is loss resistant, it means that wherever it is implanted will show continuous growth of the hair even after the follicles are transplanted.

Hair transplantation and extraction can give immense pain:

Anesthesia during transplant causes minimum pain and discomfort to the area of the scalp so it ensures that the patient doesn’t go through any suffering. This allows for easy transplantation. Also since this is not a surgical procedure, the healing is quick and very fast.

Hair transplant leaves a scar in the head that remains untreated:

While FUT requires a linear stripping on the head, FUE is based on hair graft collection by minute puncture that is not easily visible to the eye. In FUT, the scar heals fast and is covered when hair grow in the donor area, the punctures in FUE heal within no time and are invisible.

People suffer from swelling, itching and redness of the skin throughout life after a Hair Transplant:

Partially true that patient often have swelling and scalp redness after hair treatment but that doesn’t last too long and fades away within a few days. Some bleeding is also evident as a normal side effect and will relapse with simple pressure. Persistent bleeding only occurs in one in a few hundred cases and additional stitching is rarely required.

People also think that after surgery pain will continue but the fact is most patients don’t in fact encounter it. A few of them who get little pain can take Solpadeine or Panadol just for a few days. But in any operation or treatment, numbness is inevitable in the donor area and generally lasts from 3 to 18 weeks. It is not a long-lasting episode.

Going by the facts over the baseless myths, we can term that there are literally no side effects of hair transplant and hair transplantation is the ultimate option to get beautiful hair in both men and women.