What Do You Need to Know about Hair Transplant?

 What Do You Need to Know about Hair Transplant?

What Do You Need to Know about Hair Transplant?

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Over the two last decades, the prominence of different hair restoration and transplantation has been enhanced just because of the benefits & results of such treatment. At the same time, treatments being advertised by prominent names & celebrities Like Rahul Bose and cricketer Virender Sehwag to make this an acceptable topic for people like to talk about hair restoration and transplantation.

Now, they have realized that they felt lack of self-awareness and after undergoing a hair transplant, helped them to deal with the self-awareness and try to tell the people about losing their hair in the first place and the benefits of Hair Transplantation. However, being a celebrity they are doing advertising for the particular company but there is the reality behind it.

In This article, we will discuss the important facts that one should know regarding Hair Transplantation. If you are making your mind for hair restoration and transplantation and have any doubt, then you must read this article to clear your vision about hair transplantation.

Who is Eligible for a Hair Transplant?

It has seen that most hair transplant specialists are generally reluctant to carry out the hair transplantation on patients under the age of 20.  However, anyone is ‘eligible’ for hair transplantation but before the age of 20, there might have some chances to get the hair back in case patients have to lose their hairs because of any disease.  

Why is Doctors Reluctant to Provide Hair Transplantation?

Generally, before the Hair transplantation process, a doctor needs to understand patient’s hair loss pattern, so that in this procedure they can use donor hair from the back and sides of your head and transplant the hairs to the particular locations that require it.

Regardless the age of the patients, doctors will able to establish a stable pattern of hair loss so they know how to act in case patients start losing their hair at the age of 55, they will advise waiting for some time instead of undergoing a hair transplant immediately.

Things that you need to Know about Hair Transplantation:

Laser Hair Treatment procedure:

The laser Hair Transplant procedure is not As Revolutionary as it sounds; mostly hair transplant doctors don’t touch lasers these days. It is just due to the damage that can delicate scalp. In the laser hair treatment procedure, all lasers are used for making small holes in the skin, in another hand; it can be done with the less damaging way by steel scalpel.

The patient can require more than one treatment:

Generally, hair specialist wants to do everything at once to minimize scarring. Meanwhile, it can aid the growth of the hair through the multiple Hair treatment procedures. For an instance, if you are watering every day in your plant it will grow well. But, if you have got the number of plants and you use less water for them, none will grow well. Same case id with your hairs, your body may not send extra blood to your scalp for growth, which may lead to patch growth of the newly transplanted hair. So, we may have to care for that through the multiple Hair treatment procedures.

Find the best Hair Transplant Hospital:

Before hair transplant treatment, it is mandatory to find out the Find best Hair Transplant Hospital in your area. However there are many hair transplant Hospital & surgeon in India, but there is very few Hair specialist who can get you better results. As an expert, I can suggest you go with Radiance Comedic Center for best hair transplant surgery in India by one of the world top hair transplant surgeon Dr. Mayank Singh.