FUE & FUT Hair Transplant Method

Differences between FUT & FUE Hair Transplant

FUE & FUT Hair Transplant Method

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) are two different and innovative hair restoration techniques that are extremely helpful in grafting the hair follicles onto the patchy head areas without causing any visible scar. Both FUT & FUE Hair Transplant technique is the permanent hair fall treatment solutions. However, if a patient requires maximizing the grafts then FUT & FUE Hair Transplant should be done simultaneously under the care of an expert hair transplant surgeon.

FUE & FUTboth connect together for producing more grafts up to 5/6 thousand while still hiding any scalp scar is a Hybrid method. This procedure can be done on a similar day in a single surgical setting that comprises removing the hair from the donor areas and inserting in the recipient area.

Differences Between FUT And FUE Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant:

  1. Complete healing within one-week
  2. The Donor area is not shaved; suture is hidden completely.
  3. Strip excision is done on donor skin with suturing with trichophytic closure
  4. Complete healing, scars hidden under hairs
  5. 4 hours for 2000 grafts, which is the quickest
  6. More precise because of microscopic dissection
  7. Large setup is needed
  8. Large sessions likely to occur
  9. Less expensive
  10. Minimum damage to grafts
  11. Operation site over donor is completely hidden even on the day of surgery
  12. 80% of world’s transplants are carried out with this method
  13. A plastic surgeon with trained technicians are needed for this entire process

FUE Hair Transplant

  1. Heals entirely within 10 days
  2. The Donor area can be shaved completely, dots are visible.
  3. Extraction of individual units is done one by one through small punch holes; every other hair unit is removed.
  4. Heals with multiple scars in the form of tiny dots in between hairs
  5. Slower- 7 hours for 2000 grafts
  6. Can be performed in a single room.
  7. Less precise as units are pulled out blindly and manually.
  8. Large sessions are difficult-thus suitable for small and medium bald areas
  9. Quite expensive due to the prolonged procedure
  10. Greater damage to grafts
  11. Operation site shaved and hence more visible
  12. 20% of transplants are carried out with this method, fit for small areas
  13. Any doctor can carry out this procedure

FUT & FUE Hair Transplant Methods Are Recommended For Those Who Are :

If a person is undergoing heavy hair loss and has plenty of area for the Best Hair Transplant Method and five or six thousand grafts are required to be put. Patients may need as much as grafts possible.

If she/he is ready to wear hair, which is almost half an inch long and plans to continue the same.

visible stitches at the back scalp can be tolerated for about a month until the new hair grows to hides the fewer scars with the Best Transplant Techniques.

If we talk about the advantages of getting FUT & FUE hair transplant surgery, it is that a wide hair loss area can be recovered with hair units in a single surgery. Someone, who is interested in FUT & FUE Hair Transplant surgery, must be in sound health and dense hair donor area for giving the number of grafts needed during the FUE & FUT hair transplant procedure. It may take a full day to accomplish this procedure, however, the aftercare remains the same for a patient. No major difficulties or scar risks are linked FUT hair transplant procedure.

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