Can Mesotherapy and PRP Stimulate Hair Growth?

Can Mesotherapy and PRP Stimulate Hair Growth?

Can Mesotherapy and PRP Stimulate Hair Growth?

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Hair thinning or loss of hair is something that most of us still suffer from and in the old age, it becomes apparently visible. Most of us think that hair loss is inevitable when we grow old or it’s a matter of family genetics. Come on! Don’t be a frog in the pond. We very well know there are so many options today which we can try and grow our hair fast. Fortunately, advanced technology and science have provided quite a wide platform which you can choose and get your balding scalp treated and thinning hair corrected.

We always put hair fall on hormonal imbalance or age factor but we need to check mineral intake in the body also. Lack of magnum and zinc are the other causes while stress can’t also be undermined. If you rely too much on fast food or have a poor dietary habit, then you are sure to have white hair and hair thinning issues quite early. Old habits often die hard in the same way like gelling and coloring the hair, making different hair styles or using hairspray or wax. These practices could cause extreme harm to the hair in the long run. But there are still better solutions like Mesotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Loss that can give astounding results.

Mesotherapy in Detail

Mesotherapyis a total cosmetic medicine treatment without surgical intervention. Mesotherapyis a complete solution packed with the power of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients injected into subcutaneous fat. In this process, adipose fat tissues are identified and targeted by mesotherapyinjection to induce cell rupture and death with lipolysis among the adipocytes. Believed to be a safe and effective nonsurgical procedure, it can effectively remove unwanted fat. First developed in France,it is FDA approved and prevalent in the United States.Mesotherapyis also a cure for ageing as it improves cellulite growth and eliminates fat deposits. It also promotes weight loss. The mesoderm is treated by a concoction of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals into the body. These substances slowly dissolve in the internal skin layer and dissolve the fat. This melted fat is then excretednaturally out of body. This can also assist in dissolving the often fibrous material that causes cellulite, allowing for a smoother skin appearance.Mesotherapy is a treatment to cure baldness that also enhances hair growth by promoting new hair lining and regrowth. Both men and women can benefit from this regimen.

Advantages of Mesotherapy in Cellulite

Loose skin with dimples all around is not a good idea to bear to the body. Cellulite is a problem that most people have in the United States because of their morbidity, lifestyle habits or it could stem out from eating fat rich food. Mesotherapy is the only proven way to eliminate cellulite. Cellulite is not limited to any particular type of people, it also affects the young. Getting lumps or bumps on the skin means you have cellulite and that’s very unattractive particularly in the hip and thigh area. This condition can cause Peaud'orangeappearance but hopefully, now one can get rid of this plight by Mesotherapy. An injection in the mesoderm and that’s it! It eliminates this problem because the injection will strike the actual cause of the cellulite. Cellulite can run into various stages, where stage 0 doesn’t show the visibility of cellulite growth at all whereas in stage I, there is proof of it when the person’s skin is pinched, however, the appearance isn’t noticed when he is sitting or standing. In Stage 2 cellulite,the condition is visible when standing up, but not when laying down. Mesotherapy sessions depend upon the stages of cellulite a person is having. The greater the number of stages, the more the therapy sessions will be.

To get better outcome from mesotherapy sessions, it is recommended that the person follow a healthy 1dietary regimen. At least, light weight exercises or just stretching and flexing the muscles regularly will make the condition even better before going in under mesotherapy injections. Numerous injections are placed on the patient’s body that slowly release herbal liquids in the deep skin. These tiny needles inject a blend of vitamins into the scalp and fillip blood circulation surrounding the scalp and hair follicles. This regimen will result in better hair re-growth. There is no time required to recuperate from any underlying condition because it’s a minor procedure and marginal side effects are least to be bothered. Secondly, there are no age limitations to practice it. The treatment can extend to six to seven sittings. Still the results of weight loss are based on the individual body mass index can vary, but some experience a loss of approximately one pound per week! Another benefit to mesotherapy is that it is relatively painless and does not take long. There is almost no recovery time and the patient is able to return to work or regular activities after. There are some side effects that can occur, but they are minimal compared to the beneficial results.

Risks of Mesotherapy

However, in Mesotherapy, there is a risk of slight burning sensation for sometime once the injection is done. Even some swelling can be seen in a few patients but it will relapse after a day or two. Some patients can have infection where the swelling happens due to sore skin but it all depends on the skin type. Anyhow, if there is persistence in skin discoloration, it’s a subject of inspection otherwise, it will dissipate quickly. Longlasting impressible effects of Mesotherapy treatment are warranted although minor negative ones can also be visible.

Patients who undergo mesotherapy find it an effective medication remedy for cellulite and hair fall since they have permanent results and the therapy is quite cost effective than usual liposuction or other Weight Watcher programs. A proper plan designed as per individual rehabilitation will likely benefit him in the future.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

On the other hand, there is a more complex option to go for which is called Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or in short, PRP. This procedure is done if you undergo extreme hair changes which need to be repaired by corrective operative system. Although the treatment is not too invasive, but still it requires special care in the long run to have real benefit.

In PRP, blood is withdrawn from the patient and checked for analysis where it is inserted into a special rotating machine to check for clear blood plasma which is obtained when the machine is spun for about 15 minutes.The produce is clear blood plasma and concentrated rich plasma, and the concentrated platelets are what will be used on the patient’s scalp. These platelets are then used in small needles to be injected into the patient’s scalp just like the Mesotherapy procedure. The incision is small enough to recover and there is literally no scar deformity.

Comparison with Mesotherapy

Still the PRP procedure follows a longer route than Mesotherapy as its maintenance calls for up to 3-9months of completion, but then also yearly follow ups are needed to get a complete cure of this system.

These two procedures have been slowly spreading their fame but they do surround a lot of controversy in the medical world since there is still no scientific proof about the efficacy and longterm effects of these programs. Feeling the worth of Mesotherapy and its maintenance protocols, I think perhaps this can be a good method if you want results and want to contain your upkeep to a minimum. Suitable for everyone, Mesotherapy rules! Still the PRP procedure is those with severe balding issues and want to stimulate hair growth but a somewhat painful approach to consider.