Know the Hair Transplant Surgery, Clear your doubts!

Know the Hair Transplant Surgery, Clear your doubts!

Know the Hair Transplant Surgery, Clear your doubts!

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Hair transplant surgery is the process where the permanent hairs on the back and the side of the scalp are implanted in the balding areas. But the Hair transplant surgery must be in a manner that they give a natural look to an individual. So that patient can get back their previous look and can boost up their confidence through Hair transplants surgery. Here are the details of hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant is a surgical process with an art, cutting-edge technology and long experience. In this process, a surgeon would be picking up your hair follicles and placing on the barren area of your head in order to give you a fuller look. The best part is, the hair growth would be purely natural and you can style it the way you like and trim it which makes you look awesome.

If we talk about the history of hair transplantation, around 80 years ago, this process is in vogue and was said to have been performed by a Japanese Doctor. From that period of time to till now, hair Transplant technology has brought glow and hue to many lives those who would have been suffering from the bald patches. It is just because of the safety and positive results. But before hair transplant surgery, patients might have some of the doubt in their mind, such as is there anything to fear about it or how fast one can recover from it? Therefore, it mandatory to clear these doubts related to hair transplant surgery.

Is there anything to fear about Hair transplant surgery?

Today, Technology has evolved and brought a lot of things to reality, one of them is gaining back lost hair. It has become reality now. Well, but the question remains same if there is anything to fear. The answer is NO, nothing to fear.

At the beginning of Hair transplant surgery, the surgeon cleans the scalp and then injects an anesthetic to numb the donor area from where either the strip of hair or individual follicles will be extracted. Once Hair transplant surgery is taken from the area, the part would be switched back to normal. In case of FUT procedure was performed. It also depends on the donor area and hair types. The surgeon may remove follicles as per the case requirement. Meanwhile, the extracted hair will be implanted into the bald area.

How fast can a patient recover?

After getting a hair transplant surgery, patients can get back to their work in a day or two. Hence, there is an advice to take some precaution as instructed by your surgeon. You may also wear a clean cap for few days if it is required, whenever you venture outside. Apart from it, anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotic will be prescribed by the surgeon that you need to take for few days, after your surgery. It will take only 2/3 weeks’ time for the transplanted hair to fall out. Meanwhile, new hair strands will be growing from the area in a few months after getting your hair transplant surgery.