Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Mesotherapy for hair loss

Mesotherapy refers to the nonsurgical, non invasive cosmetic medical treatment done with the help of microinjections, that is used for addressing different problems of the body. While it is extensively practised to reduce visceral fat beneath the skin, Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatments is also known to be advantageous over other treatments for hair loss.

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss treatment is Meritorious Because:

  1. Nonsurgical treatment does not require several injections
  2. Side effects less such as swelling, redness, allergic reactions in rare cases
  3. Faster recovery time.
  4. Effective in the reduction of cellulite
  5. Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Cost is also nominal

This efficacious treatment has been well popular all over Europe, South America, the United States. It is also getting popular in Asia as it is safe and successfully used to treat different hair loss conditions. That’s why currently more than 40,000 physicians are practising this new treatment the world over to get the best Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment.

Owing to the painless part of the treatment without anaesthesia use or any dressing requirement to the skin, Mesotherapy For Hair Loss is a preferred way to grow the hair back.

Main ingredients that boost hair growth: Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and Biochanin A, amino acids, nucleic acids, minerals, vitamins, and co-enzymes.

How does Mesotherapy for Hair Loss treatment Work?

Superficial injections that comprise of nutrients and active ingredients such as Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and Biochanin A, mineral and vitamins are injected into the scalp’s mesoderm for stimulating an effective hair growth factor. This concoction of chemical speeds up hair roots and stimulates the hair cells to generate new hair. This is a short session method but the number of sessions passes over 10 as the skin depends on a time-release delivery system for addition of the solution to the required area, which makes Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment the best treatment.

The two ingredients in the solution effectively promote blood circulation. Since DHT or dihydrotestosterone is a steroid and hormone that speeds up the hair growth and eventually promotes hair thinning, Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment counters and neutralizes excess DHT effects so that relevant hair growth is achieved. Ultimately, the production of collagen and increased follicular size to efficacious has lead hair growth.

Treatment period: Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment is a slow process because it entreats the mesoderm to saturate growth through hair cell support. The treatment method can be different for every individual due to conditions such as the speed of hair growth, the density of hair loss and similar things. however, a simple session will generally take at least 10 sittings of approximately 10 and 30 minutes each, depending upon the size of the area that needs treatment.

To stimulate the growth of the hair, these sessions form the desired level of potent nutrition in the scalp. A definite course of treatment is needed for every two weeks sitting for the first 2-3 months and then eventually the frequency of sitting will reduce to just one sitting after every 3 months or more.

The Process Works in Two Ways:

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment is a dual action process because it utilizes both chemical and mechanical stimulation to the desired area of treatment.

  • Mechanical Treatment: The needle used for administering the solution creates micro-perforations in the affected tissue, which promotes the healing process,where collagen and elastin are formed. These substances are the two building blocks within the tissue, vital for the formation of healthy skin and hair.
  • As the perforations are minute there is no significant damage to the existing collagen, so the formation of new collagen only supplements to current levels. This method is also used to stimulate hair growth in the scalp after removing DHT.

  • Chemical Treatment: The active ingredients administered with the help of microinjection excite the appropriate response in the mesoderm, as per the condition being treated and the action potential of the drug.

How Quickly Do Patients Experience Results?

Patients can see the marked improvement in their hair growth within the first few months after starting Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment however they need to wait until whole results show up as sometimes, it can take longer than 6 months. Also, some patients’ might be slow responders varying to the extent of hair loss they suffer from.

Why Mesotherapy is Preferred over Oral Therapy?

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment has a direct relation for hair loss and it speeds up hair growth by targeting the roots of the hair directly and the effect of this therapy is quite promising. However, certain other treatment types that include oral drug regimen does not involve direct control over the hair. It is because orally administered drugs need a longer route to show the effect. They require passing through the gastrointestinal tract and then getting absorbed by the liver to eventually release into the blood that will give its hair a good growth performance. This long process will reduce the intake of medication and consequently its effect on the targeted area.

On the contrary, Mesotherapy delivers a smaller dose of treatment directly to the affected site, therefore the dose can be quickly absorbed and assimilated as a useful hair booster.

Needle-free Therapy: Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment is the new and revolutionary needle-free treatment for those who have a phobia of the needle. A high-frequency ultrasound technology with traditional Mesotherapy solutions are the non-invasive and painless solution for several people. As the drug delivery into the mesoderm is done with the help of an ultrasonic system, there is no involvement of the needle. The cell membranes temporarily become permeable to absorb the nutrients present in the solution.

Advantages of Mesotherapy Hair loss treatment

  1. It is a non-surgical procedure that does not require any stitches.
  2. It is a harmless and painless procedure.
  3. It boosts up hair growth and also decreases further hair loss.
  4. It is meant for reducing hair problem in both male and female.
  5. It comprises of medication and acts as a booster for hair growth.
  6. In about 90 % of cases, positive results can be obtained.
  7. It is also useful in preventing the baldness.

Some Precautions of Mesotherapy for Hair Loss treatment

Though hair loss is primarily genetic, the root cause of a major portion of hair fall in youngsters is the lack of proper nutrition, reduction of blood circulation to the scalp and imbalances of hormone around the hair follicle. In addition, the human body is sensitive to many diseases and malaise as it weakens its metabolism by unjust lifestyle modifications and strange habits some of which include having food without nutrition such as junk foods, consuming too much alcohol or smoking frequently. These habits does not just hamper hair growth but also support building up of toxins in the body. So the first thing is to flush toxins out from the body and choose a better lifestyle. Following a proper exercise program, doing yoga and having green tea will help in eliminating toxins out of the body and fasten the good hair growth.