FUT Hair Transplant in Delhi,India

Best FUT Hair Transplant in Delhi,India

FUT Hair Transplant in Delhi,India

Basically, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, done by the process of detaching grafts/follicles from the donor area. Meanwhile, it is more resistant to Androgen hormone and planting the same in the bald areas.

Hence, there is another surgery option available for hair transplantation called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). But both methods have their own pros and cons. Hence, FUT and FUE both Hair transplant is surgical procedure required grafts/follicles.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Follicles which have been taken from the donor area are holding a small cluster of hairs. These follicles would be implemented in the bald area in FUT procedure.

Meanwhile, these are naturally arising follicular units which need to be transplanted in a professional manner only then it can replicate a natural hair growth in the bald area of your head.

Along with it, the FUT hair restoration is extensively known technique. It is the most suitable process for covering the higher grade and also suitable for offering the high-density hair transplants for both male and female patients.

FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

We usually read many things about FUT & FUE hair transplant procedure on the internet but there are only few who are aware all the things happened in the FUT hair transplant procedure.

It is important to know about your hair transplant procedure before getting it. Usually, the entire strip of hair is removed from the donor area of a patient and then the dissection takes place on the scalp. Meanwhile, the donor is stitched carefully so that it should not leave a linear scar.

FUT Hair fall treatment includes three main Stages-

  1. Hair follicles extraction
  2. Grafts
  3. Hair transplant

FUT Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi,India

If we talk about the cost of hair transplant for FUT surgery, it evaluates less in comparison to the FUE hair transplant surgery. FUT is also counted as the better option for hair transplantation because a higher number of grafts are implanted in this procedure as compared to FUE.

Now the best hair transplant clinics in India are matched with the USA, UK standard of facilities and care. Therefore the hair transplant in India is coming into the picture as the modest cost option and the facilities that are offered here.

Moreover, the FUT hair transplant cosst Delhi,India generally falls under every one budget and if we compare the same hair transplantation cost with USA, UK, and Europe’s hair transplant clinics, it is just one-fourth to the cost of the USA, UK, and Europe. Let’s know the step by step procedure of FUT hair transplant surgery.

Steps of FUT Hair Transplant

Local Anesthesia:In the beginning, to ensure that you are comfortable and do not feel any discomfort, a local anesthesia would be given to the patient. Hence, the aesthetic gel & high-frequency vibrations are also used to decrease the pain that makes sure the procedure is virtually comfortable.

Donor Tissue:Hair surgeon will make long vertical incisions to remove the strip of hair grafts. These hair grafts/follicles will be used in your FUT hair transplant procedure. Most importantly, the donor area must be chosen very carefully, because this can ensure long-term stability of the transplanted hair.

Storage of Donor Tissue:As the strip of hair grafts is removed from the scalp, it should be placed without delay that minimizes the body’s natural fluids and gives time to close the wound of the donor area.

Slivering & Dissection:The harvested strip will be divided into the single layer of hair follicular units called the Slivers which would also be trimmed for any extra tissue. Each of the slivers trimmed for any extra tissue and these separated grafts are implanted in the bald area.

Creation of the Recipient Sites:The recipient site has to be done carefully because your hair look will totally depend on it. Therefore, fine blades or needles must be used in it to create the better Recipient Sites.

Hence, a beat hair surgeon Like Dr. Mayank Singh ensures that the site is created in a professional manner so that you can get a completely natural hair look once again.

Implantation & end of Surgery:After the Recipient sites preparation, the hair grafts will be transplanted into holes on the bald areas. At the end of the FUT hair transplant surgery, each of the grafts will be checked once again and a patient will also be given a printed copy of the same. Your donor area will be covered with a bandage and you also need to follow some of the instructions after hair transplant surgery.

Advantages of FUT Hair Transplant in Delhi, India

  1. No side effects but maintenance required
  2. Covers higher bald area in a single sitting
  3. The Graft damage rate is less than 1%
  4. Painless technique
  5. Scarless technique
  6. A high-density hair transplant
  7. The possibility of multiple settings without affecting the donor density
  8. Gives an amazing result

Limitations of FUT Hair Transplant

  1. Must be performed by a Plastic Surgeon
  2. Needs a highly trained team in this procedure
  3. The cutting room must be aided with the Video-assisted Optical microscope.

Follicular Unit Transplant techniques are used for 100% natural results to perform the procedure on the right client. Innovative closure technique called Trichophytic is practiced by the FUT Hair transplant surgeons for obtaining minimum scarring after hair strip extraction. Only micro scars such as small dots can be visible after surgical recovery. Follicular Unit Transplant surgical procedure ends with a medical shampoo and the patient returns to home, same day after the hair transplant surgery.

FUT consumes less time and it is a successful hair transplant technique for achieving a natural- look with good hair density. Best FUT hair transplant in Delhi is offered by renowned FUT skilled surgeon Dr. Mayank Singh at his well-known established clinic Radiance Cosmedic Centre that can be availed at reasonable price. One can make an online appointment to get best hair transplant surgery in Delhi- India.