Know the Best Hair Transplant In Delhi,India

Best Hair Transplant In Delhi,India

Hair Transplant is a surgical process that involves removal/trimming of the hair follicles from any area of the body like hand/legs to plant them on the hairless skin. This process is also used in transplanting hair for brows and lashes etc. There are latest techniques which are being used for permanent hair transplant and it can pick up follicular clusters of hair.

Most people around the world gradually go bald by age; some lose the hair in chemoradiation while there are some who have genetically inherited baldness in their destiny. Hair growth is something that’s natural but these days there are endless number of cases which showcase alopecia and male pattern baldness too common and the severity of this condition accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men in the US. With a percentage almost two-thirds in America, this population does exhibit obvious hair loss quite apparently.

No matter what we wear, how splendiferous our Limo looks, the classy attire and what not, but the head is a different entity that carries its own appearance. Looking at the hair of a peer makes you envious while you are just freaking how to grow your very own? No more such feeling, and no more this guilt and that’s not gonna be accepted now because that time is a passé and things have changed a lot. Flamboyance has recognized its value and so people have become aware because fab is in.

Donning a hair therapy is no more for the rich. It used to be however more than a decade back and confined to the elite class. Still the results weren’t too good as the techniques utilized were quite bland. This is the age of laser and robotics. Forget that blotched up hair grafting which was actually not a good alternative for ladies. Now we have microsurgery and a number of best hair transplant in delhi options available throughout the world that have changed the results and outcome of hair surgery.

In hair transplantation, small minute grafts are extracted from a targeted area and implanted into the destination place to regrow hair. Hair transplants are carried by the best surgeons in some countries like India where in fact, there are numerous areas where we can find great numbers of hair transplant clinic in Delhi. These clinics work as dedicated centers giving your scalp an excellent hair treatment.

We do have many centers across the capital that provide attractive price alternatives in different treatments and people easily get easily fascinated by a company that offers a large slice of discount, but being aware is what you need because a renowned establishment will never give deep reductions in their pricing, in fact they could charge some extra. So better if you are searching for the best hair transplant in India, keep your presence of mind and do at least a self-study or go through the history and goodwill of that institute, its patient reviews and surgeries done till date. Most probably, you can get a wide picture of its standing and how satisfying its services are.

Hair Transplant in Delhi doesn’t cost great bucks, definitely a cheaper option than American, but a hasty decision won’t land you having that great look you always desired. Remember that you need to keep your senses on. Another option is the treatment you wish to undergo. What therapy you want is definitely your option. There are basically two main types of treatment alternatives available i.e. FUT and FUE.

Follicular Unit Transplantation: In short FUT is a modern treatment for baldness. It’s a method in which advanced cosmetic procedure is carried out for transplanting hair follicles from a strip derived directly from the donor area of the head and tiny hair follicles are obtained meticulously from this strip. This strip has flaps which are then stitched together, leaving a scar behind.

In Follicular Unit Extraction: In short called FUE, hair clusters with their roots are removed and planted at the hairless skin. This type of hair transplantation is getting good reviews and most surgeons are adopting this latest technology to treat baldness related problems. Having a slim scar at the donor area is one advantage of this procedure and recovery can be done within two weeks.

People prefer getting alternatives to surgery if their health condition allows. Being a totally different scenario in the case of hair transplantation, only one way seems most suitable and that is surgical intervention. Hair transplant surgery can help grow your hair once again and save you from disappointment! Why? Because such a procedure is very much common these days and brings in amazing results. Even women can get the same look or even better when they need to get rid of a faltering hair line. Most obviously, the procedure is not very cheap, but yes the cost of this technology has come down to drastic levels that are affordable by the economical class also. There are centers in Delhi that offer hair transplant at quite reduced rates than Europe and America as we do have highly technical staff that can carry similar procedure at reduced bills. In terms of appearance, hair transplantation gives your natural hair back and builds your confidence too!

Here is the Process of Hair Transplant Surgery

  1. Preparation for the Hair Transplant Surgery- In the first step of the Hair Transplant Surgery, hair follicles from the back of the head are removed and relocated to the balding areas.

  2. Donor area trimmed- Before hair transplant surgery, the donor area of the body must be trimmed.

  3. Preparing donor area for surgery- After trimming hairs from the donor area, it is given local anesthesia and tissue in the donor area removed and sutured.

  4. Combed hair over sutured donor Part of the body- generally, sutures are hidden in the donor area because patient's hairs are combed over there. These sutures will be remaining same up to 10 days after the surgery.

  5. Bald recipient area prepared- Once an anesthesia given to the patient, the balding recipient parts of the body will be prepared for the hair transplant surgery. There is no removal of hair is required at the top of the recipient part.

  6. Incisions made in the balding part- in the hair transplant surgery process, Follicular Unit Grafts are placed through the tiny incisions. These are made in an irregular pattern in the recipient part of the body.

  7. Grafts are placed as per the densities- The small grafts are placed in front of the hairline and three and other grafts generally placed on the side of the recipient area.

  8. Immediately after Hair Transplant Surgery- After surgery, tiny incisions with short hair will be visible and the redness in the recipient area vanishes gradually within 10 days of time.

Advantages of Best Hair Transplant in Delhi,India

There are several benefits of replacing lost hairs and it is really a considerable process for those who have lost their hairs at the early age. With this procedure, they can have a dramatic effect.

  1. In Hair transplants procedure doctors use patients existing hairs rather than taking it from someone else or sometimes also use false hair. This procedure ensures a patient to enjoy uniform hair growth that matches the type and condition of their existing hair.

  2. Usually, Hair growth will commence in 2/3 month after the hair transplant procedure has taken place. Meanwhile, hair recovery also complete with on 6 to 8 months and hair growth look natural.

  3. Hair transplant is completely safe procedure and minimally invasive. The best part is, no chemicals or any harmful drugs will be used to achieve the desired results by this procedure.

  4. It doesn’t require any special treatments or shampoos once it begins to grow.

  5. Hair transplant is a long-lasting and effective corrective procedure for hair loss. Meanwhile, hair transplants will continue to be effective into old age also. So, better to take hair transplant surgery rather you have to undergo top-ups.

  6. One of the best advantages of this procedure when you feel confident in the new looks and see the return of your lost hair. Because Premature hair loss leads to depression to many youngsters but now they have a permanent solution to hair loss problem.

  7. It is a good procedure to make you feel younger, replacing lost hair can be the best way to get desired marriage.

Myths About Hair Transplant:

  1. It is a temporary treatment
  2. Not painfree or comfortable
  3. implanted hair follicles dont grow in size
  4. Hair transplant may jeopardize the nervous system.
  5. In FUE, unlimited hair follicles can be extracted from scalp.
  6. FUT is a scarfree operation.
  7. Donor site will grow new hair
  8. Longterm medication use is warranted
  9. Immediate hair growth after surgery