World's top Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi,India

Dr. Mayank Singh has been awarded as one of Top 100 Plastic Surgeons of the world and Top Hair transplant Surgeon in Delhi,India. At Radiance Cosmedic centre patients have the opportunity to get maximum hair coverage in just one sitting most of the time which makes this clinic the most affordable Hair transplant cost in Delhi.

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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi,India

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

"Say Goodbye to Artificial Hair Transplant! Welcome aboard Radiance Cosmetic Clinic and forget baldness forever. For best results, feel the attention that no other clinic can give and that too at an affordable price but without any compromise."

A Brief About the Institution

The founder of Radiance Cosmetic Clinic, a prestigious hair transplant Surgeon in Delhi,India, Dr. Mayank Singh is a well-known board certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon but more importantly, his expertise in Hair transplant has added to the fame of the best 100 doctors in the world. Dr. Singh has successfully transformed the lives of more than 2500 people with his famous hair transplant surgeries to add to his reputation and qualification.

A graduate from medical college he obtained certification in basic micro surgical skills at Ganga Hospital Coimbatore and got his Fellowship in Aesthetic surgery & Cosmetic Laser Surgery from Mumbai. After pursuing Advanced Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery & Laser under renowned Brazilian Plastic surgeon Dr. Ruth Graf and Dr. Sherrell J. Aston in the USA, Dr. Singh polished his art under the guidance of Dr. Michael Beehner, a great pioneer in the field of Hair Transplant globally. Having started Radiance Cosmedic Centre for Excellence in Hair transplant and plastic surgery, he offers a broad spectrum of Delhi best hair transplant clinic through Radiance Cosmedic Centre based in Greater Kailash.

Dr. Singh is a certified member of ISHRS (International society of hair restoration surgeons), AAHRS (Asian association of hair restoration surgeons), AHRS (Association of hair restoration surgeons of India) andIAAPS (Indian association of aesthetic plastic surgeons) also with APSI (Association of plastic surgeons of India).

Do you know hair falling is a serious problem worldwide?

Hair growth is a natural phenomenon but until recently, alopecia or common male pattern baldness has become a severe syndrome so common that it accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men in the US. A common phenomenon in American, almost two-thirds of American men do experience baldness or some degree of definite hair loss and almost all people have noticeable hair loss. Consequently, regular hair loss leads to some more issues like thinning of hair thread, prematurely hair falling and it is noted that by the age of 50, almost 85% men have significant hair weakening. There is a significantly young age of population as low as 21 years who suffers male pattern baldness and this portion is well beyond 25% of the total.

After Effects of a severe hair fall?

It is a known thing that people who suffer baldness become extremely cautious about their appearance and develop inferiority complex aggravated by depression and social isolation. A partially alopecic person can also inherit the same feeling as a totally bald man. Both can develop different levels of anxiety and definitely would like to try different methods which could indeed grow their hair back. As the person falls into stigmatic thinking, it does affect his overall appearance wherein the interpersonal relationships are also affected. There can also be change of professional attitude and a feeling of insecurity and guilt will overcome very success story that could be theirs otherwise!

Why did my Hair Fall?

Most of us do believe hair falling is an inadvertent process that has to take place sometime or the other but we also do have some parameters to check on this seemingly natural like factor. Our body mechanism works according to its requirements and adjusts its behavior changes to fit different environments. We discuss the few causes of hair fall here:

Physical stress: A physical trauma or accident that leaves behind a formidable scar or a shock can cause temporary hair loss. A surgery and even the flu can cause it. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. An unprecedented event can disturb the growth and shedding phase of hair which is apparent three-to-six months after the trauma.

Emotional stress is not a major factor to get hair loss however, it can still happen. A longlasting stress like the loss of a loved one, divorce or giving hospice to an old parent may promote hair loss. Reducing stress will fade away the symptoms eventually.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy makes the body weak and gives lot of physical stress to the body. It is more common after your baby has been delivered rather than actually during pregnancy.

Low Protein Diet: Protein rich diet is a must for a healthy skin and hair. Shortage of protein can also lead to less hair growth and the body may stack protein by slowing hair growth as per the American Academy of Dermatology. This cycle continues after every two to three months if protein intake is low. Even overdoing vitamin A-containing supplements can trigger hair fall. Hair will come back again once excess vitamin intake is halted. If one is a vegan or avoids animal products, certain foods like almonds, sweet potatoes, avocado, leafy vegetables and citrus fruits can be taken.

Genes: People who cross 60 are prone to shed hair naturally and gradually you can see them becoming hair free. This ratio can be seen in almost two out of three persons and the cause is quite clear. The combination of genes and male sex hormones could push up this usual happening a bit firmly. Slowly but visibly, the temple area will see vanishing streaks of hairline commonly found in aged people.

In women also, this condition can be seen as most of them today use birth control pills quite excessively and additionally, a family history can make the matter worse. Hormonal imbalance after menopause can get the same effect. Stopping oral contraceptives is one of the measures though being too much dependent on hair beauty therapies is a killer.

Heredity: Often females pass through androgenic or androgenetic alopecia, just like male pattern baldness. A genetic inheritance, a woman can lose hair and its likely her kids will also have the same condition. Women may get noticeable thinning of hair. Minoxidil (Rogaine) will help grow hair.

Anemia: A large part of the population of women does have anemia as they have iron deficiency. Mostly at young age, anemia makes a woman’s hair thin and loose strength. Fatigue, headache and dizziness are also causes of anemia. A blood test is a simple technique to determine if you have anemia that is promoting hair fall.

Hypothyroidism: Hormonal inefficiency can be traced back to an underactive thyroid gland that produces hormones important for body metabolism and growth. A shortage in hormones can contribute to hair loss.

Autoimmune-related hair loss: An overactive immune system can also fillip hair loss. This subtype is called alopecia areata. The immune system attacks hair growth as it mistakenly identifies hair cells as an intruder. Steroid injections and medications like Rogaine can be used.

Chemotherapy: A major cause of hair loss is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy attacks cells that promote cancer and also kills the healthy cells making your hair fall out. It destroys rapidly dividing cells. Hair can grow back after this treatment although slowly

Antidepressants, blood thinners,and more: Medicines are meant to save life and maintain a disease free health but certain classes of medication do promote hair loss, apparently blood thinners and the blood-pressure drugs known as beta-blockers do have this tendency. Other drugs like methotrexate, lithium and NSAIDs do make hair thin and lose root. Switch to other medications if you find this problem.

Excessive hair styling: People find hair styling a fab but most don’t even think about the ill effects these chemically smeared treatments leave on our hair. Regular use of bleaches, tight braids or hair weaves, chemical relaxers or constant straightening are simply a no-no as they affect the hair root itself.

Trichotillomania: An impulse control disorder, trichotillomania means constantly picking at your hair. This tic can be relaxed with antidepressants and behavioral modification.

Your one stop solution to all your hair problems: Radiance Cosmetic Clinic

Under the aegis of Dr. Mayank Singh, Radiance Cosmetic Clinic has been serving for successive years taking care of every kind of hair problem a person could have. With over more than 2500 hair transplant surgeries, the clinic offers ultimate hair care solutions using the latest FUE and FUT techniques along with Direct hair transplant technique and that is Radiance Cosmetic Clinic is the preferred brand all over Delhi and NCR.


FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation is a method in which a small strip of hair is derived from the back of the head and tiny hair follicles are obtained meticulously from this strip. This strip has flaps which are then stitched together, leaving a scar at the back of the head.

FUE: In Follicular Unit Extraction, an instrument called scalpel is used to extract individual follicles and eventually, small cuts are made in the scalp resembling pockets where the follicles are pushed in the bald area and rested.

Simultaneous Hair Transplant: Technologically wise, Direct Hair Implant is a one-time hair transplant procedure that surpasses both FUE and FUT, giving amazing results to the patient without the need of stitches, scars or a lengthy recovery period. It is an advanced version of FUE.

Why Simultaneous Hair Transplant is Most famous?

Both FUE and FUT implants carry some scarring and incision but Simultaneous Hair Transplant is the best, most reputed hair transplant technology which has benefited many celebrities giving them a natural flaunt of hair. Celebs like Gautam Gambhir and Sehwag have under gone Simultaneous Hair Transplant and have achieved highly positive results. It is an efficient technique that doesn’t cost a hell but definitely make you feel in heaven when you get your naturally looking hair. Although, a Best hair transplant clinic in india can afford similar treatments, but Radiance Medicenter isn’t a part of the crowd.

While there could be varied reasons for hair loss, there are also a few reasons that make hair loss permanent. A few like genetics, hormonal changes and others are discussed above. Others including poor lifestyle, diet modifications and stress induced anxiety can aggravate this problem being the ageing factor also an addition. Hair loss can make young people look older and it can induce stress. So the better alternative is to get your hair treated from the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi or any metro city that can hold on its name and provide excellent results you always dreamt.

Courteous Suggestions:

Please do not search through commercial websites or yellow pages for your hair treatment as spurious centers do make the problem worse.

Apart from Hair Restoration, We also undertake Body Contouring, Breast Aesthetic Surgery, Laser, Botox, Fillers, Reconstructive Microsurgery, Congenital Anomalies Correction, Facial Trauma and helping burn victims.

Headed by Dr. Mayank Singh, a gold medalist in MS General Surgery for his academic and surgical excellence in Hair Transplantation, Radiance Hair Clinic is all set to make you have a new hairdo.

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Special Services

Best Hair Transplant Surgery By Dr. Mayank Singh

FUT Surgery

FUT Surgery

It is a "no visible scar" hair transplant technique that involves strip harvesting on to the bald head area.

FUE Surgery

FUE Surgery

It involves removal of healthy hair follicles and implanting onto the thinning areas on the head.

PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

It increases the concentration of supra-physiological platelets; enhance healing process for injuries , And the growth factors help thicken the miniaturised hair to convert thin vdlli hair to terminal thick hairs .It also decreases the excessive telogen effluvium or hair fall.

meso Therapy


It aims to boost hair growth and decrease hair fall through administrating growth factors, proteins, vitamins in the mesoderm.



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