The Most Advanced FUE Hair Transplant Techniques

The Most Advanced FUE Hair Transplant Techniques

The Most Advanced FUE Hair Transplant Techniques

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At this time, FUE (follicular unit extraction) is one of the advanced hair transplants methods. It can assure you best results and FUE is a better technique in comparison to other traditional methods. 

Along with it, because of several latest FUE hair transplant procedures, the time consumption and the cost of FUE hair transplant surgery has been reduced expressively.

If we go in flashback!

FUE hair transplant method gained popularity in 2002 when ‘Dr. William Rassman’ introduced it for the first time.  It is a preferential treatment method which benefits both men and women alike.

The best part with FUE method, it is better than other hair transplant methods which remove a strip of skin and leave scars on the donor area.

Basically, in follicular unit extraction, the hair surgeon moves individual healthy hair follicles from a healthy donor site to plant them on the bald area.

The best part with FUE is, with this hair transplant technology, a patient bears less pain and usually does not leave any visible scars.

Furthermore, its healing time is very less.  Patient can get back to normal job duties after 7 days depending on the patient condition.

The FUE hair transplant method can provide the most natural look which other surgery may not.  Have a look at the most advanced technique of FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi, India.

Power Punch Technique:

Also known as plug correction surgery, it is designed to extract hair follicles from donor area with a cylindrical handpiece tool made of carbon steel.  A punch is made into the scalp about 4 mm deep to extract a number of hair from the donor site.  Same size punches are drilled in the recipient site to fill the bald skin.  This area is then filled with the graft punch.

With a poor survival rate of follicles, punch grafting is not a feasible method overall as it wastes precious hair follicles depleting the limited donor supply.  It also gives Doll’s hair appearance and an apparent scarring.

The method was in great practice till the 1980’s but now FUE and FUT are in demand.

Neograft Technique:

Neograft is an extension to follicular unit extraction as a breakthrough technology in hair harvesting.

NeoGraft is a mechanical device that increases the speed and quality of FUE hair transplant procedures.  It  is guided by the surgeon’s hand and allows the follicular extraction of the individual without a scalpel or stitches and is totally scar free.

The procedure also reduces risks and discomfort from the area.  Both men and women are being treated by NeoGraft to have more natural hairlines without pain.  Along with it, has a faster recovery time that allows the patient to resume normal activities in just 2 weeks after surgery.

We can new hair permeation after a few months of original follicular implant.  This technique is affordable and viable for both genders.

ARTAS Robotic Technology:

ARTAS technique is known for the most digitally progressive hair transplant procedure. In this process, the hair surgeon uses a robotic device instead of manual hand-held devices.

Hence, it is fairly a latest FUE technique with a high success rate.

The ARTAS technology performs a 3D hair mapping on its advanced system setup for potential results so the best plan may suit the patient.

An image guided robotic arm calculates the alignment of hair that is accurate than manual techniques.  High resolution imaging of the donor area also gives accurate visual inspection to control spacing between harvests and hair angles.  Both donor and target area are 3D mapped to create ideal hair pattern and avoid healthy hair tissue.  The robotic procedure is much more prolific as it renders the same graft quality to the last hair as was with the first.

The procedure updates measurement criteria for each follicular unit 60 times before its implant.  Hence, ARTAS Robotic technique is one of the advanced techniques to get hair treatment done using robotics.

It is much more reliable than any conventional techniques wherein human intervention is required and time consumed.

If you require more information on FUE hair transplant surgery in India, get in touch with Dr. Mayank Singh to get a free consultation on FUE hair transplant surgery.